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14th November 2018

Welcome to our guide to Koufonisia.

This tiny laid-back island in the Cyclades in Greece is perfection! If you enjoy the quiet life with a handful of gorgeous beaches, amazing scenery and walks, along with delicious food make Koufonisia your next stop!


Koufonisia has some of our favourite beaches of the Cyclades, and the best thing was that they were all reachable on foot. We walked along the coastal path from Finikas beach to Pori beach in around 30 minutes and the views and scenery along the way are beautiful.

There was a small local boat service running from Hora to ferry passengers between the beaches – but the walk was so easy and enjoyable we really didn’t understand why people used it!

We are fairly fussy about our beaches, and particularly don’t like them crowded and covered with parasols and sun loungers! The beaches here are very laid-back without a deck chair in sight. However, there were a few beachside tavernas set back from the beaches to enjoy a cold beer, iced coffee or Greek salad!

Take a walk and pick your favourites – ours were definitely Pori and Fanos.

Pori Beach Koufonisia, Greece cyclades islands

Cheap Food!

Let’s face it – everyone loves a bargainous meal! The island has so much to offer and for a range of prices. We particularly enjoyed queueing up for pittas at Souvlaki Sti Strofi aka ‘The Corner’. Here it was €2.5 for a chicken pitta and one measly Euro for a veggie version. Add 4 more for 2 cold beers and you have yourself a delicious meal!
The Corner Souvlaki takeaway koufonisia
Another great choice for those on a budget is Fos Fanari – a typical Greek taverna with cute hand-written menus. This is a no frills place, but we always ate well here and the most you’ll pay for a main is €6. If you want to treat yourself to a slap-up meal pay a visit to Mikres Cyclades which has lovely little tables lined along a small cobbled street and serves really good Greek and Mediterranean dishes.

Walking and Scenery 

As I mentioned earlier the walk along the coastal path is gorgeous. Explore a little further up the hill from Pori beach and you will find yourself climbing (carefully!) down the rocks to Gala beach to enjoy the breath-taking scenery. Along the coastal path you will also have the chance to jump into the natural plunge pool at Devil’s Eye – it’s probably only a 3m jump but it still took me an hour of procrastinating and being persuaded by an 8 year old girl before I jumped in!
hike to devils eye koufonisia
Jumping into Devils eye Koufonisia

Peace and Quiet

Our host told us that the population of Ano Koufonisia was only around 600 and that in the peak of Summer there can be up to 4000 tourists! But when we visited in September the island was fairly quiet and we came away feeling very relaxed and refreshed. We would only occasionally bump into others on the coastal paths (most seemed to take the boat) and we could always find a nice spot on the beach to lay our towel.
Pori beach Koufonisia
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Travel guide Koufonisia
Where we stayed: Oceanides Residence – a beautiful collection of apartments, set-back from the port, which provided clean, gorgeous rooms and the best breakfast. Most definitely worth the price tag of just under £100/night. This was over our budget but I had booked and paid it before we left for Grahams birthday!
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