Finding Vegetarian Food in Tokyo

White sesame ramen T’s TanTan vegetarian ramen
2nd November 2018

Being able to find good vegetarian food whilst traveling in Japan was definitely my biggest worry before coming here.

Actually, in Tokyo it was super easy as long as we did our research first. Here are my favourite places to find vegetarian food in Tokyo!

T’s TanTan, Ueno Station & Tokyo Station 

This should be your first port of call on your mission to find vegetarian food in Tokyo because the ramen here is amazing! There are two branches, and they are equally delicious. Granted, its a bit of a mission to find them and you have to pay a small fee (180 Yen) to enter the JR station if you are not traveling by train – but it is so worth it.

All of the food is vegan, there are lots of options on the menu and it is delicious. We visited about four times in a week! Even Graham enjoyed it despite the fact he couldn’t have his daily dose of chicken!

T’s TanTan vegetarian ramen tokyo
T’s TanTan vegetarian ramen tokyo

Halal Ramen Ouka, Shinjuku

More delicious ramen! On the pricier side (3000 Yen per set!) but again amazing food, as well as vegan and vegetarian options they also do meat which made Graham happy!

You choose your spice level from 1 to 10 – we laughed when they told us not to go higher than a 3 – but so glad we listened to them in the end!

Would advise to book as we got the last table on a mid-week night in September so I imagine it gets very busy in high season.

Sakura Café, Jimbocho

A cute little café offering a nice varied lunch menu. Vegetarian curry was delicious served with a beautiful cappuccino – just what I needed to warm myself up on a rainy day!

Sakura tokyo Vegetarian curry tokyo

Chiles Mexican Grill, Shibuya

Always a sucker for a good Mexican – this place has a great varied menu at a really good price. The cheese and mushroom quesadillas were amazing! There are tons of veggie options from burrito bowls to fajitas!

Eggs n ThingsGinza

The BEST place for breakfast or brunch in Tokyo!

Food is delicious, especially the vegetarian eggs benedict! Oh and make sure you try their waffles.

Eggs n things poached eggs Vegetarian food tokyo
Eggs and things menu Vegetarian food tokyo

Falafel Brothers, Roppongi

A ginormous warm pitta stuffed full of tasty fresh falafels, thick hummus, spicy sauce, crunchy vegetables and pickles all for 900 Yen – what’s not to love! Makes me hungry writing about it now!

Uobei Shibuya Dogenzaka, Shibuya

I am not the biggest sushi fan so coming here was more for the experience of a conveyor belt sushi restaurant! However, if you like sushi they do have a few vegetarian options including cucumber rolls, egg plant sushi and sweetcorn sushi rolls.

More importantly, you order your food on a tablet and wait for it to come whizzing round the tracks right to your table. Even though we weren’t so keen on the food we couldn’t resist ordering more! Plus they have wine for 150 Yen per glass so we were definitely happy!

Uobei Shibuya Dogenzaka sushi Ipad order tokyo
Uobei Shibuya Dogenzaka sushi Ipad order tokyo

Hopefully this will help somebody on their way to discover the delicious culinary delights on offer to veggies and non-veggies alike in Tokyo. I can’t wait to go back and find more, a week was not long enough and I’m sure I missed out on some gems.

Have I missed your favourite veggie friendly place in Tokyo?

And remember if you’re ever hungry and in Tokyo you can always have a chocolate fish…

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Chocolate fish Vegetarian food tokyo
Chocolate fish Vegetarian food tokyo


  1. Joanne youds

    Exactly what I was thinking this rainy morning x all looks delicious

  2. Alice

    Love this! Super helpful and will be visiting when I eventually make it to that part of the world!


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